Safety - the key word that describes our activities. Every person naturally wishes to avoid different types of threats and unnecessary risks to save his own life and health, as well as life, health and well-being of his family. But if you have reason to believe that your peaceful existence is threatened, contact our detective agency. We surely will investigate the validity of your concerns and, if necessary, take protective measures. Your safety - our profession.

AboutHuge number of literary and cinematographic works in praise of judicious and fearless private investigators, formed in the minds of some of society romantic understanding of the profession of private detective and his work. In fact, the work of the detective agency - it is a routine and sometimes even dangerous work, but in order to ensure your safety private investigators of our agency will do our best and fully express their professionalism.

Our detective agency

combines high quality masters in their field, who are members of the International Police Association (IPA) .

. Among them is graphology and psychologists, forensic experts and operational staff. They all have extensive experience and its spotless business and human qualities. They are sure to help you find a way out of a difficult situation, to return peace and instill confidence in the future. You can no doubt turn to them for help, anonymity client - professional credo of our experts, so the circumstances of your visit, and life circumstances that led to it, known only to you and private detective service which will be rendered in full.


AboutOur detective agency you can find a way out of deadlock situations in life due to various reasons. Our capabilities allow you to organize covert surveillance, check impeccable reputation of your business partners and ensure the security of valuable goods and large transactions. The city, which operates our Detective Agency - Kiev , Kiev and major regional centers of Ukraine, but with established business relations with all continents, we are able to carry out investigations in other cities and countries as remote as well as with the ability to trip to the field, if it is required to solve customer problems.


However, not only problems in business can be an occasion to refer to the private detective. Family well-being in need of protection, perhaps even more than the field of business. We are able to confirm or refute the reliability of your household staff (housekeepers, nannies and governesses), check the biographical facts of your potential partner in life in order to protect you from the marriage scams, and to determine the risk of getting your child's age in a complex troubled company. All these and many other problems will help solve our detective agency, the value services which will be compensated by your peace of mind and security.

Detective agency provides services in urban areas: