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Photos - Video surveillanceDetective Agency " Private detective Dnepropetrovsk " today can be considered one of the greatest detective agencies worldwide. The geography of our work is not limited to the city Suburban and even goes far beyond the borders of Ukraine through close interaction and fruitful cooperation with our colleagues around the world .

For us there is no small orders

Many of our potential customers believe that the detective agency is taken only for the most complex criminal cases, so they are trying to solve some of their problems on their own. In fact, it is some error. In any case, in our agency every private detective is ready to help each person to turn to him. Even if you just think you are being followed or spyware that your wife is constantly monitors your phone, assuming that the surveillance of the husband - it's her duty. Please contact us and we will dispel all your fears and provide proof that you are wrong. And if you 're right, and you have a car or office really set the bug, we will not only find and eliminate him, but also to advise you on antiproslushki .

All honest. All legally

We call attention to one fact that we have enough options and considerable resources to carry out its activities. But we always act within the law. We can cover up the perfect alibi betrayal of his wife to her husband and even protect her lover, but we will never cover the criminal who committed illegal acts. We are the guardians of law and order, not its perpetrators. Therefore, if your investigation of a crime, you will need to use a lie detector, you can always count on our help .

We do not use illegal methods to spy on people and realize that the phone 's life - it's a private space in which the law has no right to intrude . However, we can produce the collection of information about a person with whom you have not seen, and now just want to repair the relationship , even if you are in a Suburban , and this man lives in America or in any other European country.

Family Matters

One of the biggest problems all times and peoples have been, and, unfortunately, is adultery . We are in a fairly short period of time can determine your partner is cheating on you or not. But he warned that the test of loyalty does not always bring the expected results. So you should be ready to completely any report of our private detective.

If you have decided that you need a divorce because of infidelity women , our lawyers will help you quickly and professionally prepare all the necessary documents. But remember that the identification of her husband's infidelity - it 's not a reason to break off relations . We all make mistakes and we have every right to be forgiven . But these questions can help you to solve a professional psychologist detective agency " Private detective Dnepropetrovsk ", which also works in the Suburban .


Business - a delicate matter

Our frequent customers are the owners of various businesses and companies, so we can help solve their problem of a photo, video surveillance, or have inspected the premises to identify the bug. Yes, bugs in our time are arranged wherever possible, to learn some trade secrets and be a step further than their competitors. But professional search of such equipment always help in time to discover the wiretapping cell phones. Also use at work, in some cases, the polygraph test. And if you lied to your business partner, remember that we provide a professional search of people and will always be able to find a person by phone number, or help you find the last name. Give you his address on the phone or try other databases.

By the way, search for relatives and very frequently on the same principle as the search for people by name, as well as databases of phone numbers of people.


Carefully check against your contact details to not making mistakes. Otherwise we will not be able to answer you. If in the course of the day with you will not be contacted by our representatives, please call on the phone mentioned on the website and let us know

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