Customer reviews of the detective agency "Private detective in Dnipropetrovsk"


Thank you Sergey for help in solving topical issues. Thanks to him, we receive the documents no longer hope to return. Three months of waiting and sleepless nights. Useless patrols by police. And then - a week, and all are placed in places. It remains only to solve the problem with money. But, I think, and it's not a problem. Because Sergey - people you can trust.


Needed to find a man, but so that I myself will not "light up". Agency staff have worked professionally and without arousing suspicion at a wanted man. I was pleasantly surprised by the very tight schedule. Not the least role in this played a sufficient amount of information provided in the beginning of the job, that does not detract in other professional workers.


The scariest thing in my life as it turned out - the unknown and we have established just such a situation. Your detectives worked perfectly, and record all the adventures of the wrong person. All doubts are dispelled, thanks to your professionalism. Thank you for your help.

Ivan and Tatiana

Never thought we would need the services of a detective agency ... But , recently , there was a need to find a person with whom we have a financial transaction was conducted 16 years ago. In our daily life , my husband used to rely on the recommendation of friends and acquaintances in search of professionals. This time had to " act blindly ." Search the Web . Found the site " Private detective in Dnepropetrovsk ." A quality website , precise work manager . And , anyway , there were concerns . I had to trust . Not regret it. Detective brilliantly coped with the task, we have received information not only about what they were looking for , but also about his life and work during these 16 years , as well as about his relatives , their physical location and lifestyle. Thank you, guys! Take care of yourself )


Agency staff "Private detective in Dnepropetrovsk" in a short time they found a man with whom contact was lost about a half years ago. Thank you.


The highly professional. Great job.


Work agency can assess as "excellent." I found a man with whom I had not seen for 10 years. Thank you for your professionalism.


First addressed in a detective agency with a very delicate requested and were pleasantly surprised not only the professionalism and quality of performance, but the attention and is more appropriate to detectives! Thank you very much!

Oleg V.

Upon our request, was carried out, is quite difficult and painstaking work to track down and arrest the offender, convicted of theft of components in the elevators in residential buildings by JM Victory. I appreciate the professionalism of the employees of the agency. We express our gratitude!


I am grateful to the "private detectives" for their assistance in the establishment of adultery.

In my family there was a rather delicate situation. I suspected intuitively felt that my husband got himself on the side of passion, but to prove it's no way she could. Agency staff "Private Detective Dnepropetrovsk" helped me to know the truth - and receiving evidence, I was divorced

I want to thank the staff of the agency! They found that the car I was going to buy, was stolen. If not for them, I would now be left with nothing.

I would like to sincerely thank the experts of the agency that restored VERY important information for me, lost with my stick. Thank you very much!

Paul G.
In our company, there was a serious trouble - large amount of money disappeared. To establish the identity of the thief, we decided to test employees on a lie detector. To this end, we have invited representatives of the agency "Private detective Dnepropetrovsk." They immediately found the culprit. Thanks agency - we managed to avoid further thefts!

I recently experienced a real nightmare! To my e-mail letters began to arrive with dire threats, where some maniac threatened me with rape and murder! I could not even sleep at night because of fear! But agency employees have helped me figure out the identity of the joker - he was my ex. He had the courage only to anonymous threats.

I thank all the investigators for having helped found the car that I have stolen! You guys are - the best!

Grateful parents
When our only daughter came home with a new beau, he did not like us at once. We ourselves could not understand why. He does not drink, does not smoke, dressed well, in his car, looks beautiful. But his eyes seemed to us some badly - broken or something. We appealed to the agency, and the staff found out that this fellow for a living is not an honest living. Today, our daughter, thank God, is married to a good guy, live in concert soon, God willing, and grandchildren will. Thank you for your agency that saved our little girl and gave her to break my life!

Maria Timofeevna
Low bow to you for your help! I wish you health and prosperity!

My parents always wanted to make a family tree of our family. But the problem is that more grandparents we will not know, but would like to know and that which was our family before the revolution. At the request of parents, I turned to the "Private Detective Dnepropetrovsk." Within ten days we got the family tree for the last three hundred years! It turned out that among our ancestors were Polish nobles and wealthy merchants. We look at ourselves through the eyes of others! This is, in fact, an indescribable feeling when you know their roots and getting a sense of their ancestors!

We cooperate with the agency permanently. We have a very serious organization, and hiring new employees, we will check the authenticity of the documents provided by them. In addition, we seek the services of a polygraph in the investigation of some official business. Thank specialists agency and look forward to further cooperation.

Brother and sister Kuznetsov
Our mother died five years ago. Our father is 68 years old. And not so long ago, he stunned us - said he was going to marry. And not at the same age - the young person who is younger than his 30 years! We could not believe that she is getting married for love. Agency staff "Private Detective Dnepropetrovsk" found out that this person is not bad after living in the two previous old goodies, and now, apparently, is aimed at parents' house and Dad's savings account. Thanks agency - the plans of this predator broke!

Recently, in our calm, measured family life burst real grief. My husband was arrested on suspicion of murdering his partner. I have something for, as no one, I know that my husband, though, and it seems edgy, in my heart is very gentle, kind and certainly would never have such a sin in the soul is not picked up. Agency staff helped my husband to restore freedom and good name, but the real killer was behind bars. Thank you! The coffin of life will be grateful!

My husband and I are working day and night. We people are quite wealthy and can afford to hire an au pair, because I myself neither the strength nor the time to maintain order is not - sometimes I come home after midnight. Since then, as we have a maid, I began to notice something was wrong. For example, I could not find a ring with a ruby and a few other things. But the establishment of surveillance helped us catch a criminal. Many thanks to your agency?

Thanks to the staff of the agency "Private detective agency Dnepropetrovsk" that helped me find my classmate! We were friends at the Institute, and then fate sent us to the then Soviet Union, and we lost. Now we often talk on Skype, but at the time I called him to leave his wife and children to us, in the Ukraine.

I want to say a big "Thank you!" Agency staff, who helped me to establish that the apartment that I was going to buy was spelled underage boy. In official documents, he was not taken! Thanks to the detectives, I was able to avoid serious problems.

Peter A.
I was planning to invest in a company. In the given situation was reported successful. Still, I decided to double-check the information. Agency staff found that the reality of the company in failure and helped me save money for more profitable investments.

Many thanks to the agency "Private detective agency Dnepropetrovsk!" They helped to expose the marriage swindler, who was trying to take care of my sister, telling her of his heavenly love, and he wanted her money.

I am so grateful to the staff of the agency! They carefully approached my case is penetrated into all the details. And the price, given the quality of the work seemed very small.

I was not the first call to this agency - and each time admire the detectives solve my problems quickly and efficiently!

I want to thank the agency "Private detective Dnepropetrovsk." They helped to find "bugs" for wiretapping hidden in our office. If not for that, it is unclear how much information could go to a competitor.

Satisfied customers
Employees of the agency were to me such an alibi, who believe without question everything. I thank them for that!

When I flew with Nouta all the information I needed, I was shocked! I did not know what to do! But agency staff helped me to restore it. It's a miracle! Thank you very much!

Spouses Lantsova
We were scared for our teenage son. Recently he has started to go very often in the evening (before somehow paid more attention to homework). We, as parents, worried - Do not get into bad company. Age, then the most difficult. All questions, remained silent. Then we decided on a last resort (with great reluctance, to be honest). We asked the staff of the agency "Private detective Dnipropetrovsk" trace our son. It turned out that we have experienced nothing - just our son came a girl, and he was afraid that we would be against it. Yes, we are not against it and do not even get involved. So thank agency staff - we now sleep peacefully again.

Many thanks to the staff for what they have found my new laptop! I really do not believe that I will see him again! A detective found it very quickly!

Actually, I'm a neat driver, although a woman. Behind the wheel for ten years, and so far in any bindings do not get. But the trouble happened to me - I had an accident, and not their fault. I do not know how to prove their case in court - that is, I knew that there were witnesses, but how to find them - do not know. Agency staff quickly found witnesses the incident, and I have received compensation for the physical and moral damage! Thank you very much!

Satisfied customers
I was ten years working in a large company, and holds a very important position. Leaders appreciates me, I work, I will say without false modesty, honestly and conscientiously. But once my signature on a very important document was forged. Agency staff has reviewed and helped me keep a good name. I thank them for that!

Inna P.
Thank you very much! You quickly and efficiently find all the information I needed, I did not even expect! And I will provide you with so little information? You helped me a lot, thank you for this!

Oleg V.
Not long ago, we started the company petty theft. Money disappeared from the common "execution" - funds that are stored in case someone from the staff urgently need to get a taxi at the business case. I, as the CEO, to the agency "Private detective Dnipropetrovsk" to use lie detector (as to catch the thief's hand was nearly impossible.) We have identified the officer and asked to leave our team. Now we have everything well.

I want to thank sincerely agency staff who have helped me in a difficult case. I turned to the agency for help when one confidential assignments. Assistance was provided to me clearly, promptly and without question. Agency staff - real pros!

Parents Kuzmino
In recent times, we have to worry too much for our eldest son, who lives separately. He did not respond to calls, and the call back over half a day - in the best case. Further - more, we have to call the bank and be outraged that our son took a loan, leaving the false data. After this call, we will refer to the agency "Private detective Dnepropetrovsk." When investigating clambered out so much that we were shocked! We have been pulling back from what they have learned. But all of this has helped us, all three of them, find out their relations, to understand and forgive each other. Now at least we know what to do, and the situation is slowly getting better. We believe that all will be well! Thanks to the staff for helping to find out what happened to our son!


I went to the agency "Private detective in Dnepropetrovsk" at a very delicate issue. And make sure that the agency's employees - the real professionals quickly and efficiently fulfilled my mission. Thank you!.



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