Check on the wiretap premises, vehicles

Serious business involves some risks, and if you have reason to believe that you are being followed, our agency will carry out a special audit and help find bugs and neutralize . Our specialists have extensive experience of prevention are well aware, how to define the wiretap or how to find "bug» , and what protection wiretappingis the most effective.

Check on the wiretap premises, vehiclesDiscovery of listening devices - the case for professionals familiar and does not cause any difficulty. If you need to check the premises to wiretap or antiproslushka phone , our agency will provide you with these services efficiently and confidentially. If you need protection from wiretapping in an office or a company car, we will provide it. Not to be in constant tension, all the time thinking about the safety of trade secrets and business plans, use the services of our experts, and the set of protection from eavesdroppingwill return you a good night's sleep and confidence in the future.

Even if you have no reason to suspect someone in the establishment of a hidden spy on you, you need from time to time to inspect offices and company cars, which will facilitate the timely detection listening devices . We can not only find the "bugs" and listening devices, but also to detect the presence of covert surveillance and electronic eavesdropping systems. According to the results of preventive testing, our experts will recommend you effective countermeasures covert surveillance, such as antiproslushka phone and surveillance. And remember that regular inspection of premises to wiretapand testing vehicles for tracking devices - a reliable guarantee of your personal and economic security.


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